The Wallowa High school track team made a good showing at the Condon Invitational on Saturday, April 17, facing off against teams from all over eastern Oregon.

For the boys, outstanding results included: Senior Jake Goebel took third in the 400 meters with a 55.43. Nick Johnson, also a senior, clocked in at fifth in the 1500 with a time of 4:36.61, followed by junior Lee Phelps at 5:44. Junior Dustin Byers placed fourth in the 110 high hurdles at 18.30 and Nick Johnson captured some silver, placing second in the 800 meter at 2:09.54. In the 300 intermediate hurdles Dustin Byers took fifth with a 47.9. Patrick Silveira hurled the shot 36'1" and threw the discus 110'9", while sophomore Kasey McKenzie threw the javelin 120' 4", triple-jumped 32' 1" and jumped 15' 3" in the long jump.

On the girls side, Erin Funkhouse of Sherman broke the record she established last year in the 800 meters with a blistering 2.26.75. Her old time was 2.31.07.

The Wallowa girls did well, too, with sophomore Samantha Silveira tied for second in the 100 meter dash at 13.42. In the 200 meters Silveira also took 5th with a time of 28.96. Junior Lindsay Easom turned in a 3:02 in the 800 meters and a 6:10 in the 1500 meters. Caitlin Turner, also a sophomore, finished the 100 high hurdles in 18.2. Victoria Silveira, a freshman, completed the 300 low hurdles in 58.8. Shot put leader for Wallowa was senior Shelane Lee at 29' 4", who also threw a 80' 5" in the discus and a 62' 4" in the javelin.

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