Tight end Tim Gilbert of Enterprise and both wide receiver Cole Lathrop and defensive back Randy Eschler and punter Eric Butterfield from Joseph were named as All Wapiti League first team football selections by league coaches earlier this week.

Of the 29 players given first team status, nine - including first unit quarterback Trevor Simmons - were from Grant Union, six from Imbler and four each from Nyssa and Pine-Eagle.

The Wapiti League football all stars for the 2002 season are as follows:


Center: 1st team, Jay Butts, Imbler; 2nd team, Travis Harper, Grant Union; Honorable Mention, Donald Love, Elgin; Matt Fiorito, Union; and Calvin Ruggles, Pine-Eagle.

Offensive linemen: 1st team, Jason McKaig, Imbler; Levi Chamberlain, Pine-Eagle; Devin Burril, Grant Union; Seth Thissel, Grant Union. 2nd team: Jason Rodriquez, Nyssa; Jeff Chamberlain, Pine-Eagle; Kelsey Lukens, Enterprise; Cody Vaughn, Joseph; Michael Marks, Joseph. Honorable Mention: Joe Boster, Nyssa; Jeff Smith, Imbler, Christian Zollman, Joseph.

Tight end: 1st team, Tim Gilbert, Enterprise; 2nd team, Troy Hoskins, Imbler. Honorable Mention: Geoff Brown, Grant Union; Mitch Weir, Pine-Eagle; Charley Schumacher, Elgin.

Wide Receiver: 1st team, Cole Lathrop, Joseph; Taylor Schmadeka, Grant Union; Billy Colson, Grant Union. 2nd team, Grady Rawls, Enterprise; Travis Hoskins, Imbler; Tanner McIntosh, Imbler. Honorable Mention: Ben Williamson, Union.

Quarterback: 1st team, Trevor Simmons, Grant Union. 2nd team, Travis Casch, Pine-Eagle. Honorable Mention, Trent Holcomb, Nyssa; Trevor Crow, Imbler; James Huffman, Enterprise; Tim McReynolds, Union.

Running Back: 1st team, Brandon Hveckman, Grant Union; Mike Kurtz, Nyssa; Justin Volle, Imbler. 2nd team, Blake Eckstein, Elgin; Steven Skillings, Imbler; Tyler Ransom, Pine-Eagle. Honorable Mention, Derek Kirby, Union; Brock Holcomb, Nyssa; Isaac Gerner, Enteerprise; Cody Frasier, Grant Union; Brad Casch, Pine-Eagle.


Defensive line: 1st team, Devin Burril, Grant Union; Jared Rasmussen, Nyssa; Jeremy Wilson, Imbler; Levi Chamberlain, Pine-Eagle; Blake Eckstein, Elgin. 2nd team, Riley Herriman, Pine-Eagle; Jimmy Van Belle, Enterprise; Dusty Witherrite, Joseph; Clayton Lowe, Joseph. Honorable Mention, Lance Peterson, Nyssa; Andy Lucero, Nyssa; Steven Immoos, Enterprise.

Linebackers: 1st team, Zane Rookstook, Grant Union; Mike Kurtz, Nyssa; Steven Skillings, Imbler; Jeff Chamberlain, Pine-Eagle. 2nd team, Joe Coammins, Nyssa; Troy Hoskins, Imbler; Ricky Foster, Elgin. Honorable Mention, Cody Frasier, Grant Union; Kalan Morinaka, Nyssa; Collin Cunningham, Enterprise; Eric Butterfield, Joseph; Toby Fincher, Elgin; Derek Kirby, Union; Travis Hoskins, Imbler.

Defensive backs: 1st team, Trent Holcomb, Nyssa; Zach Myers, Imbler; Randall Eschler, Joseph; Tim McReynolds, Union; Trevor Simmons, Grant Union. 2nd team, Kevin Tallot, Nyssa; Kevin Gomes, Enterprise; Skyler Payne, Elgin; Taylor Schmalake, Grant Union. Honorable Mention, Brock Holcomb , Nyssa.


1st team, Skyler Payne, Elgin; Eric Butterfield, Joseph.


1st team, Cody Bloom, Pine-Eagle. 2nd team, Toby Thomas, Grant Union. Honorable mention, Tim Gilbert, Enterprise; Mike Kurtz, Nyssa.


Marty Nash, Grant Union.

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