Despite a litany of injuries, the Wallowa combined cross country team put in a strong showing at the Crosby invitational at Treasure Valley Community College on Thursday, Oct. 4.

The girls varsity placed second behind Melba High School, despite the absence of top-flight runner Kyla Hook who was out with an injury.

The boys did not place because of a lack of entrants and lacking the presence of vaunted runner Henry Coughlan, out for the second consecutive week. Coach Dan Moody said only 18 county runners participated in the meet, which featured 24 teams.

Zac Knapp continued his running ascent, finishing in the 13th spot with a personal best time of 17:20 while Bayden Menton was close behind at 17:32. Ian Goodrich also had a personal best at 18:48, a second behind teammate Cole Gomes.

“We did exceptionally well,” Moody said. “Particularly when you consider the girls and that we didn’t have Kyla Hook.”

Ellyse Tingelstad found the right path, placing second overall with a time of 19:38, also a personal best and beat the top-ranked runner in the district, Mckenzi Hoyt of Burns, by 13 seconds. Ella Coughlan also reached a personal best time of 20:27. Ashley Wilson and Sydney Rouse rounded out the top four, and freshman Lannie Stonebrink improved her time by nearly three minutes.

Moody noted that his training routine appeared to pay off for his runners.

“It always has, and we’ll keep doing the same thing until it doesn’t.”

The thinclads next travel to the Helix Stubblebuster on Thursday, Oct. 11.

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