Stonebrink could face Wallowa County charges


John Delbert Stonebrink of Wallowa was arrested Sept. 25 on charges of encouraging child sexual abuse in the first and second degree, luring a minor and using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct.

The case began with a complaint filed by parents of an austistic teen-aged Central Point boy in October 2017. The parents told Jackson County Sheriff’s Office detectives that the alleged victim had communicated online with an adult male and received images of child sex abuse as well as requests to send nude photos of himself to the man.

Law enforcement officials said the victim told them that the man had said he worked as a firefighter in southern Oregon and even attempted to meet the victim while at work there. Detectives later identified Stonebrink as the man in question. Law enforcement later confirmed that Stonebrink worked as a sanitation truck driver at the Miller Complex fires and around the area 20 miles west of Ashland, Ore., at the time of the alleged incidents.

On Jan. 9, in a collaborative effort, Jackson County detectives along with Enterprise Police Department and Wallowa County Sheriff’s Office served a warrant at Stonebrink’s Wallowa home and seized mostly electronic devices from the residence. These are being analyzed by forensic personnel within the Oregon Department of Justice.

As a result of the device seizure, a Jackson County grand jury indicted Stonebrink on the charges and a judge issued an arrest warrant Sept. 19.

Stonebrink was arrested at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4307 Sept. 25 by EPD Chief Joseph Fish.

The defendant was lodged in the Umatilla County Jail and shortly transported to the Jackson County Jail.

Additional charges are possible as the electronic evidence is examined in detail.

“The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office came up with the Oregon department of Justice on Jan, 9, and we assisted in a search at Stonebrink’s residence.”

Stonebrink was away from the county at the time.

Fish used EPD Officer George Kohlhepp and Wallowa County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin McQuead for backup.

“We were notified there was a warrant for his arrest,” Fish said. “I was watching out for him, and I saw his rig at the VFW.”

He arrested Stonebrink without incident, although he first had to disarm him.

“I just told him I was taking his gun, and he asked why, and I said ‘you’re under arrest.’”

Fish said it’s unclear if Stonebrink will return to the area to face additional charges. He noted it would depend on what information was obtained from the electronic devices seized from Stonebrink’s residence.

Wallowa County Sheriff Steve Rogers was asked if he believe Stonebrink would face local charges.

“I think he’ll be in Jackson County for a long time.” he said.

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