Fishtrap Story Lab inspires youth throughout Wallowa County to share their stories creatively, confidently, and playfully. Beginning with a focus on narrative craft, the program provides students with a host of multimedia tools—from video and animation equipment to music production software and beyond—to hone their skills as writers and producers. Story Lab emboldens students to explore themselves and the places they inhabit, encouraging personal growth and thoughtful participation in community conversation. The result is a generative program as rich and lively as Wallowa County itself.

I hear a soft chirp echo off the glass walls surrounding me. Slowly, I poke my head out from underneath my rock cave, letting the warmth from the heat lamp flood over my face. I open my eyes to find that my terrain is filled with a fresh dozen crickets. Ahhhh, crickets. I could certainly never get tired of those.

A small fat one scurries by, its thrashing flinging a bit of warm sand in my face. I slowly inch my way out into the open, happy to have food but mildly amazed at the interruption of my slumber. A cricket makes the mistake of flicking me with its twitching antenna. It is much too close and I am much to fast as I wag my tail in anticipation of this meal.

The crunch is a satisfying sound. In only two movements I swallow it whole then retreat back into my den. I am full and my future meals are rather irritating. After a long nap I hear a noise from above me. It is most certainly the giver of warmth, crickets, and chin strokes. I wait patiently for the hand to scoop me up, and its a slow, smooth ride to wherever I am going.

Should I be panicked? Certainly not! This has happened countless times before and is rather a treat. I enjoy being outside the glass walls, and away from the ever bothersome insects.

It sets me on the warm part of its arm. I do enjoy this but I know that this is most certainly not as warm as this giver can get. I crawl up the tunnel of sleeve making my way to the warmest part of the giver. I wriggle and lay with joy as I reach the belly. This feels as if I am basking on the warmest rock in all of my terrain. Here I find true warmth, the most fulfilling naps.

Hero Peters



Craft Focus: Voice

Exercise: Try writing in a voice of someone or something different than yourself to say something you might not typically say. This exercise is at the heart of fiction writing, and one way we can create and discover characters.

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