I’m writing this response to Christina Knecht’s recent letter to the editor — an ill-mannered attempt at discrediting Teresa Sajonia.

When it comes to the Farmer’s Market, we all encourage this market as a place for us to come together to visit local vendors. We enjoy the environment that our local Farmer’s Market provides. My question to Knecht is simple: Where did this information come from?

Some underlining motive to point the blame at one individual for reasons unknown. Moving the location of the Market is not one persons doing. The goal is to move it to a location that is safer and accessible to all locals, and those who are welcomed during their travels. We have an amazing opportunity to offer local vendors a place to sell their goods. All of the fees associated go back into the Farmer’s Market.

I would love to see the community come together to decide on the best location for the market, instead of tearing down one of our own. My family has enjoyed the Farmer’s Market and Ember’s over the years.

The music is a wonderful treat. I question whether anyone one can say what Knecht said was accurate, or that even she heard those words come from Sajonia. I would like to break the gossip. How do we want to represent our community as a whole? Do we want to take one persons word as truth or push forward to keep our community the best that it already is?

Tiana Fough


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